With a focus on urban photography, whether it be at street level or the highest buildings, a hunger for adventure and a thirst for discovery drives me to find the perfect photo every time. With my state of the art equipment I can capture the perfect moment in a single image or a timelapse of an entire day in 30 seconds wherever I am, whatever the conditions.

My services include

– construction and architectural photography

– timelapse and hyperlapse 

– pamphlets, books, booklets 

With the most advanced photography gear, as well as working history and the interests that fill almost every aspect of my life, I am able to create the highest quality pieces of work that you would like to posses and catalogue to use for  marketing and portfolio purposes. I have full PPE, white card and have worked on construction sites for more than 8 years. I have been a member of safety committees and I have managed groups in various places. Therefore, I fully understand and comply with this part of construction matters.  I also offer the corporate and company profile photography and head shot session.
– Timelapse and hyperlapse are new tools to show how your job changes within a certain amount of time.
– commercial photography for business purposes

My clients are: real estate agencies. construction companies and owners of pubs, cafes and restaurants.